About our project

Welcome to The Fleet Community Map

This project, initiated by local community group Fleet Future, maps landmarks and places of interest in and around Fleet. Our online map highlights specific information on cycle paths and footpaths to encourage residents and visitors to explore the town using alternative means of transport.

Whether it is cycling to work, or walking to the shops, cycle paths and footpaths around town make travelling easier, more efficient and help to keep an active lifestyle. Although more infrastructure is needed, on road cycle lanes and dedicated paths are on the rise, helping to build a network of routes that are accessible to all.

If you are thinking about ditching the car for your bike or your walking shoes and would like to know more, visit our resources page where you will find all the information you will need with expert advice. If you want to take your new found interest further why not join one of the many cycling and walking groups in the area. You can find more information on these groups on our resources page.

We are keen to see this project develop further and the community take ownership of it. If you would like to get involved please contact us for more information.

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Our Town

Situated in the north-east corner of Hampshire, near to the M3 motorway, Fleet is fortunate to be surrounded by small towns, unspoiled villages and countryside. 38 miles from London, it owes much of its development to its proximity to the capital, and to its excellent road and rail links.


This project would have not been possible without the help of a number of volunteers ranging from community groups and individuals to local businesses.

In 2013, Fleet Future ran a Public Consultation exercise that highlighted that information documenting footpaths and cycle ways in Fleet was not widely available.

One of the 17 recommendations resulting from the Consultation was “To develop information and appropriate signposting giving details of the network of off-road pedestrian and cycle pathways”. A group of enthusiastic volunteers assembled for the first Action Team meeting in December 2013. The town was divided up between the volunteers who set forth to collect information and data on where all the pathways were.

However that presented some problems on the way forward and the project stalled for a few months. Two strokes of luck followed.

A street map of Fleet and Church Crookham had been produced in 2003 by local company Location Map Services (LMS). We were able to track down the originator, Graham Jones, who had maintained his database and was willing for it to be used, along with the new physical data collected, to form the basis of the Fleet Community Map.

The second stroke of luck was when another local company Studio Mothership, a graphic design studio run by Ken Borg and Lucy Sloss, offered to help with the project. By bringing together LMS and Studio Mothership we have been able to produce an interactive map of the Fleet area with specific information on footpaths and cycle ways.

Who was involved

Fleet Future

Fleet Future is a community group of local volunteers who live or work in Fleet. It was formed as the result of an initiative of the Fleet Town and Hart District councils in Autumn 2012. A steering committee was elected and terms of reference endorsed at public meetings in winter 2012/13.

Location Map Services

LMS has been established in Fleet since 1984 producing a wide variety of maps and graphic products. Their primary field of expertise is Cartography including the design, compilation, editorial, and production stages. We would like to thank Graham and Helen Jones who kindly provided us with a detailed, accurate and up-to-date map to use in this project. This map of Fleet and Church Crookham was based initially on aerial photography bought especially for the job that was then ground checked by them to produce a royalty-free map.

Studio Mothership

Studio Mothership is a Fleet-based graphic design practice co-founded by Ken Borg and Lucy Sloss. They create a broad range of work that includes brand identities, design for print and publishing, marketing campaigns, websites, exhibition design, way-finding, and environmental graphics. Lucy & Ken have curated the project as well as designing and developing all aspects of the Fleet Community Map website.