Welcome to The Fleet Community Map

Welcome to the Fleet Community Map. This project, initiated by local community group Fleet Future, maps landmarks and places of interest in and around Fleet. Our online map highlights specific information on cycle paths and footpaths to encourage residents and visitors to explore the town using alternative means of transport.

Whether it is cycling to work, or walking to the shops, cycle paths and footpaths around town make travelling easier, more efficient and help keep an active lifestyle. Although more infrastructure is needed, on road cycle lanes and dedicated paths are on the rise, helping to build a network of routes that are accessible to all.

Please be aware that this map is no longer updated and may not reflect current information. Please note that footpaths shown on this map do not necessarily mean Rights of Way.

Fleet is too big to appreciate on the small screen! Explore our interactive 3D map on your desktop computer or use the menu to navigate to our mobile friendly road map and discover all of Fleet's cycle ways & footpaths!

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